Contents view

Card tags

The tags underneath the content abstract/description is changable. By default, the card will show the value of the tags field, but you can update the field by specifying the value in the frontMatter.dashboard.content.cardTags setting.

Card tags

Draft status navigation

By default, the contents view will show all your pages, and will you will be able to filter by draft and published pages.

Draft filters

If you want to use other statuses, you can do so by specifying your own draft field and value.

Info: Set a custom draft field.

Draft filters

Supported filters

  • Tag filter
  • Category filter
  • Content folder (when you have multiple registered)

Supported sorting

  • Last modified
  • Filename (asc/desc)

Info: You can define custom sorting options by specifying these within the frontMatter.content.sorting setting.

You are also able to define your default sorting options by setting the frontMatter.content.defaultSorting setting for the content view, and the setting for the media view.

Show on startup

If you want, you can check on the Open on startup? checkbox. This setting will allow the dashboard to automatically open when you launch the project in VS Code. It will only apply to the current project, not for all of them.

Content pagination

By default, the content is paginated by 16 items. If you want, you can disable the pagination by setting the frontMatter.dashboard.content.pagination setting to false. In case you want to change the number of items per page, you can specify a number in the same setting.


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