Taxonomies view

The taxonomies view is a powerful way to manage your taxonomy like categories, tags, or any other taxonomy.

On the taxonomies view, you can create, edit, delete, and move taxonomy terms from one type to another.

Taxonomies view


Taxonomy actions

You can perform the following actions on the taxonomies view:

  • Add: If a taxonomy value is not yet stored in your settings, the + add action is shown to allow you a quick way to store the value;
  • Edit: Edit the taxonomy value in the settings + all the files where it is used;
  • Merge: Merge two taxonomy values into one. For instance, if you have dev and development you can merge dev into development and it will update all the files where it is used;
  • Move: Move a taxonomy value to another type. For instance, if you want to move a tag to a category;
  • Delete: Delete a taxonomy value.


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